Monday, 20 January 2014


Drinking a glass of cherry juice a day offers the same health benefits as eating 23 portions of fruit and vegetables, research reveals. It found 250ml of the juice contained more antioxidants than five portions of peas, tomatoes, water melon, carrots and banana. Previous research has shown that antioxidants - which target harmful molecules in the body called free radicals - can help prevent cancer, heart disease, stroke and ageing. The research, led by Dr Robert Verkerk and published in Nutritional Practitioner, compared the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity - the levels of anti-oxidant in food - of 25ml of diluted cherry juice concentrate with various food and vegetables. It found the ORAC level of cherry juice was 8,260, compared with 1,790 for fruit and vegetables. Patrick Holford, a leading nutritionist, said: 'A recent BBC2 Horizon documentary showed the longest-living people in the world all achieve a very high intake of antioxidants, measured as over 6,000 ORAC units a day.' However, the study also revealed eating cherries may not offer the same protection.

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