Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pistachio is believed to remedy all ailments and a wide range of disorders as well. These nuts are an ideal source of nutrients. They are free of cholesterol and contain antioxidants, phytosterols, unsaturated fats and essential vitamins and minerals vital for a healthy heart, healthy growth, healthy skin and hair, blood pressure control and immune response. This in turn reduces the risk of heart diseases making the arteries less prone to blood clots. It helps reduce the plaque like substance in the blood and purify the blood stream. It reduces acute stress reactions. It is a great beauty aid. The ground pista when mixed with milk can be used as a face pack. It helps the skin to glow.
It helps in building strong teeth and bones and carrying out normal nerve functions due to their high calcium content. It also helps for promoting cell reproduction and tissue growth during the process of wear and tear of the body parts. These nuts also aid in reducing weight as they have low calories, low cholesterol and some fiber in it. The phyto-nutrients in pista can help improve your over all health ranging from cardiovascular health to vision and helps to fight against cancers.

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