Tuesday, 4 February 2014


CELERY is one of the very common & effective plant which helps in curing various health disorders which are not easily curable. The green leaves, stem and the bulbous root of celery are all extremely rich & makes celery a very important medicinal plant. There are various health benefits derived from celery and its juice. The medical quality of celery was first described by the Greeks Discorides and Pliny.

It contains balanced minerals, vitamins & nutrients & its oil has strong smell due to concentrations of plant hormones. The presence of the essential oils makes celery special. They are also found in the seeds & can be added to the juice also. These oils have a specific effect on the regulation of the nervous system, and have a great calming influence. Celery is used for its strong stimulating and beneficial effect on a weak sexual system, but as is usual with plant therapies the normally active person does not have to fear an uncontrollable upsurge.

Calories In Celery: 1 cup or 100 gms of celery has only 14 calories. Plant therapy tends to make the system normal. That's why we should prefer the plant therapy to cure ourselves. Moreover these plants don't have side-effects like other therapies. They affect the immune system of body naturally.

The strong water removing powers of celery enable it to be used in the control of health problems such as arthritis, stone, liver problems and rheumatism.
A tablespoonful of honey in celery juice, sipped slowly, will very effectively reduce the appetite if taken before a meal, and makes a delightful drink. It will also help in reducing their weight.
You can take the same mixture as a nightcap; it will help you to relax into a soothing and restful sleep. So those who have a problem of sleeplessness must enjoy the sound sleep after having this yummy health drink.
Those who are suffering from stones in the gall bladder or the kidney must take the juice of celery. It has been found that those who drank juice do not found any formation of stones in bladders & kidney again. It seems likely that this effect is related to the anti-arthritic properties of the juice.
Celery calms the nerve because of the high calcium content & helps in controlling high blood pressure. Raw celery should be eaten to reduce high blood pressure.
Celery is used in aromatherapy and other traditional way of healing like Ayurveda. In Japan, rheumatic patients are sometimes put on a celery only diet.
Moreover you can eat a lot of celery without thinking twice because it has almost zero calories. You won't add any extra pounds after having such a yummy drink or raw celery.
The whole plant is gently stimulating & nourishing; it also acts as a digestive remedy and liver stimulant. A tincture can be used as a diuretic in hypertension and urinary disorders.
Celery roots, fruits (seeds), and aerial parts, are used as ethno medically to treat mild anxiety and agitation, loss of appetite, fatigue & cough.

All we know about the Celery is quite enough for a person to start using it but the exceptions are always there. Some people had allergy of Celery so they should avoid using it. Moreover there is a belief that celery is difficult for humans to digest. The oil and large doses of seeds should be avoided during pregnancy; they can act as a uterine stimulant. Still celery is valuable in diets for various reasons & we all must include it in our diet to take precautions & cure from various health disorders. Now I think you will also include Celery in your diet to avoid spending your wealth for regaining health.

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