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Nutritional Facts Of Mosambi:


If you are looking for a low calorie or low fat diet, then mosambi is the right choice.  One serving of this fruit contains around 43 calories and 0.3 gram of fat. This sweet lime provides 9.3 mg of carbohydrates and 0.8 gram of proteins. Being a citrus fruit, it is rich in vitamin C, providing 50 mg of vitamin C per serving. Moreover, it contributes significantly to the daily potassium requirement (2000 mg) of the body by providing about 490 mg of potassium in one serving. In addition to these, it contains copper, calcium, iron and phosphorus in smaller amounts. The table given below shows the nutrient content of sweet lime.

Calories 43 calories/100 grams
Cholesterol and sodium Nil
Potassium 490 mg/ 100 grams
Dietary fiber 12% of 100 grams
Iron 0.7 mg/ 100 grams
Calcium 40 mg/ 100 mg
Phosphorus 30 mg/ 100 grams
Protein 1.5% /100 grams
Vitamin C 50 mg/100 grams
Vitamin A 20 IU
Flavonoids and other phenolics, carotenoids and limonoids Small amounts
Due to its nutritional value, sweet lime is considered beneficial for an overall good health. Inclusion of sweet lime or mosambi in your regular diet is an ideal option for those who are fitness freaks and aspire to get rid of extra flab.
Thus, we can confidently say that the mosambi or sweet lime benefits are highly versatile. However, there are certain health concerns as well, particularly for those suffering from gall bladder or kidney problems. It is advisable for them to avoid this fruit as it contains measurable amounts of oxalates. This fruit may also interfere with the absorption of calcium in the body.

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