Wednesday, 5 February 2014


During sleeping if we sleep in such a way as. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said, we will take sound sleep; never get any anxiety and tension. Before sleep we should recite the doua given by Allah through Prophet Mohammad (SAW):
Oh Allah! With Your name do I die and live
If we follow the rule of Sleeping given by Allah, we will never need to take tranquilizer during sleep. In the morning when we get up from bed, we should recite:
All praise is for Allah, the one who gave us life after death and to Him is our return.
These are called Tib-e-Nabvi, means medical Knowledge given by Prophet Mohammad (SAW). This is also Sunnah (tradition and practice of our Prophet SAW). We eat because we feel hungry; we sleep because we need body rest. But eating and sleeping according to Tib-e-Nabvi (Medical knowledge given by Prophet SAW) can become Ebada (worship).
Although we are eating and sleeping for our own desire, but we will get Baraka (blessings) from Allah, because we are following Sunnah (tradition and practice of our Prophet SAW). Don't eat carelessly, thoughtlessly and greedily. Eat in a balanced manner.
Those who do not believe or follow Allah's Health Rule or Natural Health Code are seen facing many health problems. For example:
Anxiety and Tension:
It is a disease of modern World and developed in Western Countries.
If we pass our lives by following Allah's Health Rule, we will take sound sleep and there will be no anxiety and Tension.
Skin Disease: Clean and wash the organ of body with water after Urination and after passing the waste materials from the body. It is very important to protect ourselves from skin diseases and other Critical problems. Those who are not following Allah's Health Rule or Health Code face many skin and other health ailments.
As we all know in the Western countries in Rest Rooms, there is concept to clean the organ and body part after Urination and passing the waste materials from body by Toilet papers, but there is no concept of washing with water, so we are seeing that Skin Diseases and other diseases related to lack of proper Hygienic Care are on increase.
Liver Disease: Use of alcohol is not allowed in Allah's health Rule. It's intoxication that brings lose of sense of well being and also its continuous use damage the liver and kidney. So those, who don't follow Allah's Health Rule, suffer in these areas and we are witnessing the percentage of kidney damage and Liver Diseases for this harmful habit which are on increase.
Its very unfortunate, people ferment the fruits, vegetables and herbs and make wine & liquor. It’s sheer abuse of Vegetations. Use the herbs and natural form and do not abuse it.
So to protect ourselves from diseases, to keep ourselves healthy, we must obey Allah's order, and implement it in every field of life. By following the example of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) we can not only have a healthy life, but make our all activities a part of Ebada (worship). Simultaneously we should convey the Allah's order to people of the book and other non-believers, so they can become aware of how they can protect themselves from diseases, and germs.
There are many hidden truths to keep our selves healthy, and we must make efforts to know and understand them, and the greatness and power of Allah (God, the Creator).

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