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Health Benefits Of Drumsticks ,sojni ki phalli

Health Benefits Of Drumsticks

Many of us consult a diet nutrition in order to stay fit and healthy. Likewise, we spend a fortune on supplements assuming that they have the potential to provide all kind of benefits on our health. In the meanwhile, we forget the fact that there are many fruits and vegetables that we get in our kitchen garden or in the market which are low cost and equally beneficial for our health. It is imperative for us to understand the fact that instead of exploring for foods that are beyond our reach for good health. Include simple fruits and vegetables that you get in the market for a prosperous health.
 Drumstick, as we all know is also known as moringa oleifera or horseradish tree. It is a 'yard stick' for health, as it is known to be beneficial for the human health in one way or the other. This vegetable provides all kind of nutritional benefits and also cures many ailments. Drumstick, from its stems, leaves and seeds are known to have medicinal properties.
Health Benefits Of Drumsticks

Here are a few health benefits of drumsticks:

 Fights cold and flu

 Drumsticks are known to have a high content of Vitamin C. And if you are feeling low due to cold and sore throat, have drumstick soup to get relief instantly. Drumstick leaves are also known to have medicinal properties and is useful in treating asthma, wheezing and other respiratory problems.

 For strong bones 

The green vegetable has a high amount of iron, Vitamins and calcium. Drumsticks are known to provide strong and healthy bones and is said to purify the blood. Drumstick leaves especially are said to be the blood purifier. For better results have crushed drumstick leaves with milk.

Good for pregnant women 

Even pregnant women can get benefits from drumsticks. Including drumstick in daily diet will help pregnant women overcome the feeling of sluggishness, vomiting sensation and giddiness. It is also said to ease labour pain, and reduce post-delivery complications. Drumstick leaves are also used widely in India for lactating mothers to increase breast milk.

 Avoids infection 

Drumsticks have a high content of antibacterial properties and is beneficial in preventing infections in the throat, chest, and skin. Drumstick leaves and flowers are used in preparing soups as they are antibiotic in nature. It can also be used in treating fungal skin infections. 

 Cures from stomach ailments 

The leaves of drumstick is said to provide many medicinal properties. Having drumstick-leaf with honey and tender coconut water is known to be a wonderful remedy for curing stomach related ailments such as diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice, and cholera.
 These are the medicinal properties and the nutritional benefits of drumsticks. Include the green vegetable in your daily diet for a good health.

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