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Aloe vera has traditionally been recognized for its ability to soothe sunburned skin and heal minor cuts and scrapes. However, research has determined that internal consumption of aloe vera can provide a host of benefits. Blood sugar stabilization, constipation relief, lower cholesterol levels and a stronger immune system are some of the most common. .

Blood Sugar

Aloe vera juice may help lower your blood sugar. According to research reports from the University of Maryland Medical Center, women who have type 2 diabetes experienced a drop in blood sugar levels by drinking aloe vera juice. Further research may determine whether aloe can be used for treating or preventing diabetes. Consult your doctor before using aloe vera for this purpose.

Constipation Relief

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reports that aloe vera contains active ingredients that help treat constipation. However, as with conventional medicine, you may develop a tolerance after prolonged use, and as a result have to take larger doses to achieve the same effect. Consult your doctor before using aloe to treat constipation.

Lower Cholesterol

A study published by Wilkes University reports that aloe contains mannose, a compound that helps block your body's ability to absorb cholesterol. This study , conducted in 2004, involved 60 subjects who ingested aloe on a daily basis for 12 weeks. At the end of this time, the subjects were found to have reduced low-density lipoproteins, or "bad" cholesterol, lower triglyceride levels and an improvement in their overall cholesterol profile.

Immune System

Some cancer patients may experience improved immune function when they take aloe vera during cancer treatments. According to the Moores Cancer Center at the University of California at San Diego, aloe vera may strengthen the immune system by destroying abnormal cells. The most active stimulant in aloe that improves the immune system is called acemannan. Aloe vera may complement traditional treatments, such as radiation or chemotherapy.


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